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Zeki Dolma's fascination with billiards at the age of 10, coupled with his admiration for the quality of billiard tables worldwide during his youth while working in the maritime sector, spurred him to enhance the quality of tables in his country.

His dream was to play on a quality table in a large home he could afford in the future.

Although not by profession, his love for billiards led him to elevate Turkish billiards to European and global levels with his production of tables made from valuable exotic woods, starting even before 1979 through his experience as a billiards hall owner.

By exporting to 80 countries, he represented our country in the best possible way to the world. Thus, he produced special design tables for important individuals and companies worldwide.

In 1979, the journey of producing high-quality billiard tables began as a result of a life dedicated to billiards by Zeki Dolma.

This passion forms the cornerstone of tables used in international tournaments today and exported to more than 80 countries worldwide. In addition to contributing to the training of professional players, Zeki Bilardo also makes significant contributions to the development of billiards sport.

Under the leadership of Zeki Dolma, our journey began with the Turkish Billiards Federation in 1993, aiming to support national and local players, a commitment that continues today with our sponsorship renewed in 2018. Hosting tournaments with Zeki Bilardo tables fills us with pride.

Following Zeki Dolma's vision, we persist in our determination to provide high-quality products to billiards players worldwide.

Shaped by Zeki Dolma's passion and vision, we are where sports and quality converge. We strive to carry this legacy forward, offering unforgettable experiences to billiards enthusiasts. With your love for the sport, we stand by your side. Pursuing excellence, we will continue to advance without compromising on quality.

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