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Three-Cushion Tournament Pro

In addition to providing a professional quality gaming experience, our Three-Cushoin table also adds elegance to the decoration of your home or workplace. You can take your gaming pleasure to the highest level with this table, which is suitable for both gyms and private places.

Elegant Billiards Experience with Renewed Table Design, Heating System and Digital Display Panel!

Our table offers an extraordinary gaming experience with its carefully renewed heating system and modern digital display panel. You can spend every moment comfortably and pleasantly.

The Perfect Combination of Aesthetics and Durability!

The table is supported by three sturdy legs and curved parts connecting them, which increases durability and offers an aesthetic appearance. Moreover, every detail of the table is carefully designed and produced in accordance with quality standards.

Table Features

Table Dimensions

Masa İçin Gerekli Minumum Alan

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