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Zeki Bilardo: Leading the Way on the International Stage

Zeki Bilardo, we not only produce high-quality products but also establish a strong presence on the international billiards scene. We take pride in being the official sponsor of the Turkish Billiard Federation, and our three-cushion tables have been selected for use in some of Europe's most prestigious billiard events.

Events such as the European Artistic Billiards Championship and the European Artistic Teams Championship, where teams from 9 and 10 countries across Europe will participate, will feature Zeki Bilardo tables at the heart of the action. In events involving women, such as the Three-Cushion Women's Championship and the National Teams Championship, our tables' durability and quality will once again shine.

At Zeki Bilardo, we take pride in every table we produce. The fact that our products are chosen on the international stage is a great honor and achievement for us. The use of our tables in such events is a testament to the trust in our quality and professional approach.

Throughout the events, Zeki Bilardo tables will not only be a part of the game but also a visual highlight on the stage. Join us in these exciting events to witness the quality and craftsmanship of Zeki Bilardo, and let's keep the pulse of the billiards world together!

Become a part of the Zeki Bilardo family and join us on this exciting journey. With our high-quality products, we guarantee to always move forward with confidence.

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