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Hotel Restaurant Magazine: A Report on Zeki Bilardo

Hello dear readers,

Today, we will discuss the latest report published by Hotel Restaurant Magazine about Zeki Bilardo, one of the leading magazines in our industry. This report covers topics such as the rich history of Zeki Bilardo, its products, and its service approach focused on customer satisfaction.

According to the report in Hotel Restaurant Magazine, the founder of the Zeki Bilardo brand, Zeki Dolma, embarked on his journey in the business world at a young age driven by his passion for billiards. While working in the maritime industry, he visited billiard halls worldwide and observed the international interest in this sport. Influenced by the content of billiard halls abroad, Zeki Dolma took action to bring these experiences to Turkey and provide a high-quality billiard experience. When he opened his own billiard hall in 1979, with a vision and determination to produce the best in the industry, Zeki elevated his brand to an internationally recognized and respected position. Today, the Zeki Bilardo brand has become a reference point in the billiards world with its quality and innovative approach.

According to the report in Hotel Restaurant Magazine, Zeki Bilardo offers specially designed and high-quality billiard tables for hotels, restaurants, and cafes. These tables not only allow guests to enjoy their time but also complement the indoor gaming concept of hotels. Additionally, it is mentioned that many of our brand's products showcasing its quality and variety can be found on the Ho Re Ca channel.

The report provides information about Zeki Bilardo's production capacity, stating that an average of 1,600-1,800 billiard tables are produced annually in the factory. The aim is to provide the best to customers by working meticulously at every stage of the production process without compromising on quality.

The report also highlights the standout features of the products. Each table is meticulously crafted with select materials and innovative features added at every stage with the user experience in mind. Furthermore, the fact that famous personalities prefer our tables for their homes and workplaces is a testament to the efforts made to maximize quality and customer satisfaction.

The importance of customer satisfaction to Zeki Bilardo is emphasized in the report, stating that special solutions are offered to customers in both pre-sale and after-sale services, and meticulous efforts are made at every step to ensure customer satisfaction.

Finally, the report on Zeki Bilardo's 2024 goals reveals that the brand plans to use digital marketing channels effectively to offer customers a wider range of products and increase its international recognition. It also mentions the pride in serving as the official representative of the Turkish Billiard Federation and contributing to the development of billiards.

This report clearly outlines Zeki Bilardo's position and goals in the industry. The emphasis on customer satisfaction, quality products, and continuous innovative approach reinforces Zeki Bilardo's pioneering position in the industry.

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