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Founded in the heart of Istanbul in 1979, Zeki Bilardo has become not only a sector leader but also the premier name in providing unrivaled quality billiards, carom, and snooker tables in Turkey. Known for our craftsmanship at the summit for enthusiasts and professionals seeking the best, we started with a deep commitment to passion, quality, and excellence.

For over four decades, Zeki Bilardo has not only achieved excellence in table craftsmanship but also gained prestigious fame beyond our borders. This celebrated commitment allows us to proudly export our products to over 80 countries worldwide. Each table is meticulously designed to embody the spirit of competition and elegance, reflecting our love for the sport.

Our partnerships with respected organizations such as the World Billiards Federation (UMB), the European Billiards Federation (CEB), and the Turkish Billiards Federation (TBF) have bolstered our status as an international icon. Our tables are foundational to competitions not only in Turkey but also hold a significant place in European and global tournaments, showcasing their excellence and durability under the most competitive conditions. In 1994, our commitment to quality was crowned with the Quality Conformity Certificate and Production Competency Certificate by the Turkish Standards Institute. We take great pride in manufacturing TSE-certified billiard tables that meet the stringent standards required in professional championships.

As a key sponsor of the Turkish Billiards Federation and with our tables serving as the arena in European and global championships, Zeki Bilardo continues its commitment to promoting and advancing the sport of billiards. Our unwavering commitment to continuous excellence in design and craftsmanship aims to provide a unique experience to billiards enthusiasts worldwide.

As a symbol of Turkish craftsmanship, Zeki Bilardo leads the way in quality and innovation. We invite you to celebrate the rich billiards tradition and experience the pinnacle of the game on tables manufactured by Turkey's largest and most respected producer.

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